Let's Ride Clean

RideBlitz is a micro-mobility company that offers station-less electric Scooters, eMopeds, eMotorbikes and software solutions for micro-mobility fleet management.

Our Products

Our vehicles are convenient and easy to operate, which removes the middleman/driver by giving power to the user and reduces the user’s carbon footprint by being fully electric.

Electric Motorbikes

•  Comes Assembled

Electric Mopeds

• Up To 100KM on a single charge

• Comes assembled

• 60V26AH Battery


Optimise Deliveries

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Remote Control your Fleet

How It Works ?

The vehicles are connected via GPS and 3G. A mobile app is used to locate nearby scooters and scan a QR code to unlock them for use. All the vehicles are modified and programmed to have anti-theft features. The vehicles we bring need to be the best in their class to set the industry standards here. As such, we are actively investing in hardware and software development research.

Why Choose Rideblitz?

Monthly subscriptions

Access to our station parked electric vehicles.

Stationless Vehicles

We provide monthly plans for your Stationless model simply with one click. No down payments or long – term commitments

Home delivery

Your Blitz wll arrive in a few days. No assembly is required.

Super Flexible

Go anywhere on two wheels, pay by the month and cancel anytime.

Return anytime

Zero commitment zero hassles, your subscription ends when you say so

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